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Facebook Group - ‘The Transformation Hub
Facebook Group – ‘The Transformation Hub
If you’re tired of consistently sabotaging or procrastinating the action you need to take to become the person you want to be and live the life you want to live…
If you’re tired of being held back by mindset blocks, negative self talk and a lack of feeling good or capable enough…
If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, fearful or worrying about what other people think…
If you’re simply tired of not making what you want to happen, happen…
Then you’ve come to the right place
Inside this group you’ll find a community like minded women all on their own journeys to become the person they want to be and create the life they want to live…
Each week we meet together LIVE for FREE in-depth training on all things transforming your mindset, your levels of self worth and your lifestyle…
With all the information you’ll need to know to transform yourself and your life, followed by ACTIONABLE steps for you to put it into practice…
You’ll have everything you need to start overcoming procrastination and overwhelm, find that unshakeable self belief and confidence, let go of the concern for what other people think, banish imposter syndrome, overcome the fear that’s holding you back and truly take ownership of the vision you hold and the person capable of creating it…
AND you’ll have a thousand+ other incredible women on the same journey as you there for inspiration, motivation and support…
100% FREE
All the trainings provided in this group are delivered directly by Brooke Summer Adams.
Brooke is internationally accredited in Transformational Coaching, certified to a master-level in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a graduate of Psychology with a 1st Class Honors Degree (BS.c), a Yahoo Finance Top 10 Female Life-Coach of 2021, a Brainz 500 Global Award Winner of 2021, a Workshop Facilitator at the worlds #1 Coaching Academy, an Executive Contributor for an entrepreneurial magazine and an international Speaker, Trainer, and Writer.
Here at the Transformation Hub we operate in-line with Brooke’s mission to help as many women as possible tap into their unlimited potential to go after their dreams. We believe that EVERYONE has the ability to truly embody the person they want to be, and create the life they want to live and we truly believe that THIS is our way of changing the world…. one woman at a time.
If you’re feeling aligned with our mission and feel called to come and join us then we would be delighted to have you!
Send a request to enter the group and we will welcome you in shortly! See you soon ❤️
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Facebook Group – The Coaching Club

To access free training on all things coaching, with the added benefit of having 30k+ other coaches there with you for support and networking, make sure you join us over at the Coaching Club too!

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✓ How to genuinely let go of the concern for others opinions and stop worrying about what everyone else thinks when it comes to you becoming a coach

✓ How to fully eradicate the fear of being seen and show up online as a coach fearlessly and confidently

✓ How to create unshakeable belief within yourself as a coach and totally eliminate imposter syndrome

✓ The step by step process to build next level confidence within yourself and your abilities as a coach, even if you’re a shy or introverted person

✓ How to ensure that you are taking the aligned action you need to take to become the coach you want to be consistently – without procrastination, overwhelm and self sabotage


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