Ready, Set, Glow, – THE Transformation Programme for First-Time Coaches

Helping First-time Coaches Show Up Fearlessly and Confidently, Find Unshakeable Belief Within Themselves, Kickstart Aligned Movement and Feel Ready to GLOW

by Brooke Summer Adams
Silence Your Doubts

Your self-doubt controls your actions, making you believe you’re not good enough to create your vision. You lack confidence in yourself, wasting time, energy, and money on gathering information rather than acting on your knowledge. Your imposter-syndrome stops you from creating the impact you want to make in the world.


You fear being seen by the world and hide away, fearing ridicule and judgment. You hide your vision from your loved ones, fearing disappointment, and are stuck in a vicious cycle of self-destruction set by unachievable standards of perfection. Fearing failure constantly stops you from owning and creating your vision.

Own Your Potential
Kick Out Roadblocks

You procrastinate creating the movement your vision needs. Your self doubt, fear and perfectionism leaves you overwhelmed, making you avoid acting on your action plan. The lack of movement, self-belief and confidence in your decisions frustrates you, damaging your self-perspective, leaving you stuck feeling stagnant and never being good enough.

Hi, I’m Brooke

After overcoming my own personal hardship and experiencing transformation firsthand, I was inspired to take to university to acquire the qualifications I needed to adopt the meaningful title of “Transformation Coach”. Originally convinced that my combination of personal experience, qualifications, and expertise would give me everything I need to not only change my life but the lives of many other women, I was surprised to find myself feeling extremely out of my depth.

As I started to take those first steps to launch my coaching business, I experienced so much apprehension about what people would think, that I couldn’t show up in the way that I needed to get clients. I had so little confidence in my ability to actually make the impact that I wanted to make, that I would procrastinate even trying. I was so frozen with overwhelm about the steps I needed to take that I just didn’t take any. The lack of results and sheer discomfort that I was experiencing led to me convincing myself I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t deserving of, and wasn’t capable of creating the meaningful and fulfilling life of freedom I desired. I felt like a hypocrite, I felt like an imposter and I was so anxious that everyone else would eventually see me in the same way.

This led to me hiring the coach who moved me to that place of unshakeable self-belief and confidence, a place of consistent aligned movement, and a place of showing up fearlessly. This growth within myself was quickly followed by finally leaving my 9-5, genuinely making the impact I wanted to make within the lives of real women, being recognised as a Top 10 Female Life Coach by Yahoo Finance, and being contracted as a Coaching Advisor for the world’s largest online coaching community, helping other first time coaches to begin their own journeys into the world of coaching business.

This was when I realized, that the obstacles I had experienced early in my journey were not unique to me. I was not the only coach who had held themselves back with fear, doubt, and concern for what other people would think – it was also pretty much every other first-time coach that I was advising. Over time, I could see clearly how useless a coaching certification is if you don’t have the confidence to actually coach, I could see clearly how useless a killer business strategy is when you’re too scared to implement it, and I could see how useless the constant planning and learning was if the coach never felt good enough to actually put it to use. I realized that in order to create the coaching business you want to have and to make the impact you want to make – you first need to make sure that YOU are the coach you need to be to make it happen… and the Ready, Set, GLOW programme was born.

This programme is what enables other first-time coaches to fully transform into the version of themselves that has what it takes to create their vision, this programme is what enables other first-time coaches to go and create the impact, freedom, and fulfillment that they are seeking and this programme is what will allow me to help YOU do the same.

Brooke Summer Adams is internationally accredited in Transformational Coaching, certified to a master-level in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), a graduate of Psychology with a 1st Class Honours Degree (BS.c), a Yahoo Finance Top 10 Female Life-Coach of 2021, a Brainz 500 Global Award Winner of 2021, a Workshop Facilitator at the worlds #1 Coaching Academy, an Senior Level Executive Contributor for an entrepreneurial magazine and an international Speaker, Trainer, and Writer.

Get to know me Better
Why Work with Me?
✓ Internationally Accredited Transformation Coach
✓ Master level NLP Practitioner
✓ Advanced level Practitioner in holistic modalities
✓ Senior level Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine
✓ Workshop Facilitator at the world’s #1 coaching academy
✓ Rated top 10 for life coaches, globally, by Yahoo Finance
✓ A Brainz Global 500 Award Winner
✓ Built a successful online coaching business from the ground up BEFORE deciding to help other coaches
✓ Interviewed in a Netflix documentary on turning adversity into an asset, due 2023
✓ Co-authored a book with best-selling authors, due 2023
✓ Leads an online community of over 30k coaches
✓ Showcases many testimonials of other first-time coaches who are making their vision their reality after working with Brooke
✓ And most importantly, has personally faced and overcame the same struggles that her clients face when it comes to being a first-time coach
What my client says?

“Working with Brooke has been a pivotal point in my life. When I reached out to Brooke I was at a place where imposter syndrome was starting to become a problem and procrastination was a daily occurrence. I had become my own worst enemy and didn’t know how to get out of the trap I had put myself in. I had already done a lot of work on my mindset and was starting to feel maybe nothing else could be done…well, was I wrong! From our very first session Brooke became my biggest cheerleader until I learnt how to be my own. When we were in our sessions she was fully there, supporting me, listening and making me feel so safe and honestly, she made me feel so capable of making this all work. Brooke has this beautiful way of making you see your own weaknesses as true strength. In the 12 weeks we worked together my mindset & confidence skyrocketed. I went from having hardly any confidence in my ability as a coach to having someone reach out to work with me even when I wasn’t promoting my offer. Brooke really helped me drop all the expectations I was putting on myself and the worry of being judged by others. Perception is everything and Brooke is able to help you shift yours. Brooke has this way of explaining things that I’ve not experienced from any other coach I’ve had. I will forever be grateful The Universe brought me to Brooke. Because of her I was able to ditch my imposter syndrome (and if it does show up, she’s taught me how to see it as something new I get to overcome and rise higher from) and I’m able to get myself out of my procrastination dips so quickly now it still shocks me. My confidence, mindset & belief grew so much more than I could ever have expected from working with Brooke, I owe so much to her. Because of Brooke I fell in love with myself and am now able to pass that onto others I work with”

Jennie Patricia

Elena Gallardo

“It is quite difficult to put into words something so transformational!

When thinking about the starting point, I even have trouble accessing that version of myself, because it now feels so foreign.

My main difficulties before working with Brooke were:

– Lack of confidence in my abilities as an entrepreneur (any coach in the room who hasn’t experienced Imposter’s Syndrome?), which we shifted to a very different belief: “My success is inevitable”.

– Taking lots of -unfruitful- action to the point of burnout and barely seeing any progress (having to go back and re-do all the work because it wasn’t “perfect”).

We also shifted this pattern to focusing on the essential tasks, working when it feels aligned, and not letting perfectionism get in the way. It has now been 3 months since our time together came to an end, and I can genuinely tell that the results have been long-lasting! I would love to join other programs that she may create in the future!”

“When I first met Brooke, I was in a place where I knew I had the confidence in myself to create something larger than me, I just didn’t know where. I came to Brooke with feelings of imposter syndrome for many areas of my life, lack of confidence in creating a vision I had, believing I was a procrastinator, and wanting to establish more concrete goals. I had a vision. I just didn’t know where or how to put them in place. One of the very first things we did was redesign my lifestyle by establishing concrete goals and actions that would fit my life and move the needle forward toward my goals. From there, she helped realise that I did have everything I needed in me to believe in myself, overcome my imposter syndrome, and have the confidence and clarity to really unfold what my goals were. My main goal was I wanted to become an entrepreneur so badly and had so many ideas but none of them really stuck. But, by working with Brooke, she helped me realise my path was to become an online fitness coach where I help women reach their fitness and nutrition goals by keeping them accountable and getting the results they desire. From that point forward I took ownership of my vision by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and enrolled in a mentorship program to kick start my business, and am now successfully coaching 7 women! I really couldn’t have done this without Brooke, the thought never crossed my mind to become a CPT, just more so I had a passion for health and fitness, but she helped me realise by tying together my strengths and goals, this is where I’m meant to be. Thanks a million, Brooke 🥰”

Megan McLean

Ready, Set, Glow, – THE Transformation Programme for First-Time Coaches

Helping First-time Coaches Show Up Fearlessly and Confidently, Find Unshakeable Belief Within Themselves, Kickstart Aligned Movement and Feel Ready to GLOW

by Brooke Summer Adams

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