Ready, Set, Glow - THE Transformation Programme for First-time Coaches

Helping First-time Coaches Show Up Fearlessly and Confidently, Find Unshakeable Belief Within Themselves, Kickstart Aligned Movement and Feel Ready to GLOW.
By Brooke Summer Adams
Who It Is For?

New, aspiring coaches who are wanting to change their lives as well as the lives of many others, but are lacking the self-belief, confidence and action taking needed to make it happen. They are procrastinating movement due to an overwhelm of doubt, fear of what others might think, a lack of clarity and worry that they may not be ‘good enough’. They are willing and prepared to transform their belief system, identity, mindset, and lifestyle, strengthen their emotional and empathic resilience and find certainty in their ability to change lives, so they can have what it takes to create their vision. They are ready to overcome procrastination and overwhelm, build unshakable self-belief and confidence, harness unconditional self-love, and take full OWNERSHIP of the creation of their vision, so they can step into alignment with everything they want to create in the world.

Who It Is Not For?
  • New aspiring coaches who aren’t prepared to take the necessary action to become the coach they want to be and create the vision they want to have
  • New aspiring coaches who are happy to settle for any less than the vision they have of freedom, impact and fulfilment
  • New aspiring coaches who push all blame to factors outside of themselves and refuse to take ownership for becoming the coach they want to be and creating the vision they want to have
  • New aspiring coaches who refuse to work on their own mindset but still expect to be able to help others on theirs
  • New aspiring coaches who feel comfortable preaching to others that they should be investing in themselves while refusing to actually do that themself
Module One

Getting Completely Clear on WHO You Want to Be, and HOW to Become Them


Module 1 takes one week to complete, by the end of this Module you will have:

  • Complete clarity on WHO it is you want to become, the life you want to live, the impact you want to make, and exactly HOW we’ll be making that happen…
  • Tangible, measurable, and guaranteed results for us to work towards throughout the programme…
  • A solid understanding of the underlying mechanisms responsible for real transformation…
  • Invaluable, firsthand insight for when it comes to transforming your future clients – by truly understanding the process of genuine transformation…
  • A newfound feeling of empowerment and control over your upcoming transformation, having released the overwhelm that comes from a lack of clarity and clear direction…
  • An unmatched level of excitement for being on the path that you KNOW is heading exactly to where you want to be…


With in-depth training videos on the process of transformation, a personalized ‘Best Self Audit’ workbook and a 120-minute private 1-2-1 Clarity Call…

By the end of Module 1, you’ll be feeling clear about where you’re heading, in control of the journey to get there, and can relax into knowing that you can’t do the right process and not get the right result.

Module Two

Creating Your Lifestyle Design


Module 2 takes one week to complete, by the end of this Module you will have:

  • Your very own lifestyle design – a personalized method of time management that is specifically designed to create movement and alignment in your life, in a way that you’ll really feel it…
  • A thorough understanding of why your lifestyle will be such a huge determinant of your success, what it means to live intentionally and how to live in alignment…
  • The satisfaction that comes from finally making the movement you’ve been procrastinating…
  • Kickstarted your transformation by living in the way you would if you were already who you wanted to be – by the end of this module you’ll be living in alignment with the person you want to become… and you’ll feel that…


With training videos on aligned and intentional living, a template for your lifestyle design visual and a 60-minute 1-2-1 private lifestyle design session, we will effectively guarantee your own consistent progress, towards the life you want by preparing the perfect environment for you to feel the way you want to feel, take the action you want to take and kiss goodbye to the frustration that comes from a lack of movement – all while not just managing, but ENJOYING, ‘normal life’.
Module Three

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome


Module 3 takes one week to complete, by the end of this Module you will have:

  • Let go of the idea that you are not good enough, not worthy, or not capable of being the coach you want to be…
  • Fully overcome imposter syndrome using a combination of powerful learnings, new awareness’, traditional coaching, and master-level NLP…
  • Taken a huge step closer to that unshakable self-belief, confidence, and certainty within yourself that we are working towards…


Inside module 3 you’ll find training on truly understanding your imposter and saying goodbye, several powerful and specifically designed exercises to start shifting self-doubt to a logical level, and a 120-minute private 1-2-1 coaching and master level NLP session to bring your subconscious mind up to speed. By the end of Module 3, you’ll know that you are good enough, worthy enough, and capable enough of being the coach you want to be – leaving you wondering how you ever felt like an imposter in the first place.
Module Four

Addressing Your Belief System


Module 4 takes two weeks to complete, by the end of this Module you will have:

  • Eliminated any limiting beliefs that are presently holding you back, leaving a system of empowering beliefs that underpin 95% of what you think, feel, say, see and do…
  • The unshakable self-belief, confidence, and certainty within yourself that you’ve been looking for…
  • Released self-sabotage, procrastination, and perfectionism…
  • Let go of the anxiety that comes from uncertainty and a perceived lack of control…
  • Made consistent action taking feel more comfortable…
  • Completely transformed the way you see yourself, your life, your experiences, and your world…
  • An in-depth understanding of the belief system, why it is so important, and how to change it…
  • The first-hand experience of what it feels like to make such huge shifts in your perspective and identity


As an aspiring coach already, you may not need me to tell you that addressing your belief system is THE most powerful thing you can do when it comes to transformation, this is what justifies Module 4 being twice as long as any of the other modules (2 weeks rather than 1).

Inside this module, you’ll find in-depth training on understanding and changing the belief system and all its implications, specifically designed exercises to help you identify the limiting beliefs that you are capable of becoming aware of, and 2 x 60-minute private 1-2-1 coaching and master-level NLP sessions to identify those ones that you aren’t… and CHANGE them.

Module Five

Reprogramming Your Focus


Module 5 takes one week to complete, by the end of this Module you will have:

  • A thorough understanding of how your focus crafts your perception of the world and the way you feel about it…
  • Retrained your brain to no longer fixate on your flaws, weaknesses, or what didn’t go well…
  • Prevented overwhelm, stress and frustration by managing your focus and the places you invest your energy…
  • Hard-wired your brain to automatically focus on the information around you that IS helpful (what you ARE doing, what IS going well, your strengths, and the things that make you feel inspired, grateful, calm, and in control)…
  • Created an overall automatic attentional focus that not only makes for an incredibly helpful mindset and state of being for the creation of your vision, but also allows you to find those feelings of peace, certainty, gratitude, and satisfaction even before you have the vision created…


With training videos and workbooks on attentional focus and the process of re-training it AND a 60-minute private 1-2-1 coaching and master-level NLP session for finalizing and beginning your re-training plan, you’ll have everything you need to completely transform the way you see your day-to-day, and how you feel about it.
Module Six

Updating your Mental Programmes


Module 6 takes one week to complete, by the end of this Module you will have:

  • The necessary awareness to access helpful emotional states of being within yourself and make these your new DEFAULT states of being…
  • The necessary awareness to manage your thoughts, feelings, and behavior in a way that serves you, is aligned with the person you are ready to become, and ultimately becomes HABITUAL…
  • Truly integrated your new and improved ways of being into your identity, feeling more NATURAL and automatic (not forced)…


Module 6 is all about thinking and feeling in the way you want to – naturally and habitually. Named “Updating your Mental Programmes” pretty accurately, It’s this kind of work that sews these new seeds of growth deep into your subconscious, making sure you BECOME the coach you want to be, not just be able to force yourself to be like them using conscious effort, forever.

With training videos, workbooks, and a 120-minute private 1-2-1 coaching and master-level NLP session, by the time our work in this module takes effect, you’ll be doing all the things you’re struggling to do right now…effortlessly. You’ll begin to wonder why you ever doubted yourself so much because doing the things you said you never could never do all of a sudden feels so YOU.

Module Seven

Strengthening Emotional and Empathic Resilience


Module 7 takes one week to complete, by the end of this Module you will have:

  • The awareness and ability to not only regulate your own emotions, but to protect them from situations, events, other people, and their opinions…
  • The emotional and empathic resilience that will allow you to help your clients solve their problems without them becoming your problems…
  • The understanding you need to use your empathic abilities as a superpower and not an Achilles’ heel…
  • Prioritized your energy, set boundaries, and got comfortable with taking guilt-free rest – so you can show up in the way that you need to create your vision and enjoy the process of doing so…


By the time you get to module 7, you’ll be believing, thinking and feeling in alignment with the coach you want to become and the vision you want to create – now we need to protect that energy in order for you to keep taking action.

With in-depth training videos on the processes of emotional and empathic regulation, protecting your energy, setting boundaries, and taking guilt-free rest, specifically designed workbooks to help you create bulletproof resilience and a 60-minute 1-2-1 coaching session solidifying your resilience skills, by the time you finish this module you’ll have the ability to make the impact you want to make, without that negatively impact on your emotions and your energy – imperative in order for you to not only be a coach – but to thrive as one.

Module Eight

Building an Unshakeable Relationship With Yourself


Module 8 takes one week to complete, by the end of this module you will have:

  • Dived deep into self-discovery to fully understand who you truly are
  • A compassionate, supportive, and unconditionally loving relationship with yourself
  • Become your own biggest cheerleader by making positive self talk a habit
  • Found security and validation within yourself, releasing the need for approval from others around you
  • A thorough understanding of the process that builds a beautiful self-relationship, allowing you to forever increase the acceptance, love, and compassion that you have developed for yourself


With in-depth training videos on self-discovery, changing the relationship you have with yourself, re-training your habitual self-talk and the way you view yourself, a breathwork workshop to emphasize just how incredible you already are, and workbooks specifically designed to help you rewrite the narrative you’ve sold yourself and a 60-minute private 1-2-1 coaching session – you’ll finish this module with the unconditional self-love and never-ending support that makes this journey feel that much easier.
Module Nine

Having the Essentials of BEING a Coach


Module 9 takes one week to complete, by the end of this module you will have:

  • A thorough understanding of the skills, expertise, and experience required for you to become the coach you want to be
  • A heightened awareness of just how many of these skills, expertise, and experiences you already possess
  • A specific step-by-step plan for you to acquire any remaining skills, expertise, and experiences that you could be currently lacking
  • Put any remaining doubts that you are not good enough to be a coach… TO BED!
  • Let go of any unhelpful social comparisons that are causing you to doubt your ability to be the coach you want to be
  • Developed patience, peace, and acceptance with not yet knowing it all
  • Found pride and appreciation for where you currently are in your journey


Inside this module, you’ll not only find in-depth explanations of everything you’ll need along your journey of becoming a coach, but you’ll also find workbooks and a 60-minute private 1-2-1 coaching session to open your eyes to quite how many of these ‘needs’ you ALREADY possess. During this module you will be pleasantly surprised to realize that you are far more prepared than you thought and where we ARE lacking a particular skill or expertise – we will make a plan to get it.
Module Ten

Overcoming Fear


Module 10 takes one week to complete, by the end of this module you will have:

  • Released the worry of what other people think
  • Let go of the apprehension of potential failure
  • Overcome the fear of being SEEN, judged, or ridiculed
  • Became able to show up authentically, fearlessly, and without concern for the opinions of other people
  • The first-hand experience and in-depth understanding of what it takes to truly push through fear and overcome it


With training videos to help you understand fear, social comparisons and the concerns we hold for the opinions of others, powerful and specifically designed workbooks to allow you to really understand your fears and their roots, and a 60-minute private 1-2-1 coaching and master-level NLP session to overcome your fears – you’ll finish module 10 feeling ready to put yourself out there while wondering what on earth you were ever so scared of.
Module Eleven

Creating Unshakeable Self Belief & Confidence


Module 11 takes one week to complete, by the end of this module you will have:

  • Taken your new-found levels of self-belief and confidence to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL
  • Invaluable awareness of where feelings of confidence and unshakeable self-belief exist within YOUR body, knowing how to access them on demand
  • Never-ending access to the emotional states you need to show up consistently day after day, coach with confidence, and actually enjoy making the impact you make
  • First-hand experience and a thorough understanding of how to create feelings of confidence and self-belief within a person – invaluable for not only your own journey as a coach but when it comes to coaching your future clients


Inside this module, you’ll find in-depth training videos on absolutely everything you need to know in order to believe in yourself at the ultimate level, and experience confidence in a way you’ve never felt it before, you’ll find eye-opening workbooks that allow you to bring awareness to your skill sets, experiences, competencies and downright proof that there is no one else better in this world to create this vision than YOU, and you’ll find a 60-minute private 1-2-1 confidence workshop that will have you casting the word “shy” out of your identity narrative forever. By the time you finish this module, you’ll have the never-ending unshakeable belief and downright certainty within yourself that will make creating your vision as natural as breathing.

Module Twelve

Taking Ownership


Module 12 takes one week to complete, by the end of this module you will have:

  • Taken full ownership of the identity of the person who is going to make this happen
  • Taken full ownership of the creation of your vision, really feeling like it belongs to you, and KNOWING that you are the best person in the world to create it
  • Found complete trust within yourself and your process, KNOWING that YOU are going to make this happen
  • Completely ditched any victim mentality or illusions that your results are outside of your control
  • A thorough understanding of what it takes to re-write the identity narrative that a person holds, giving you the power to not only BE the exact person you want to be at any point in your future life but to help others become the people they want to be too


With powerful training on taking ownership, ditching the victim mentality, allowing yourself to fully trust in the process, and feeling fully aligned with your vision, workbooks specifically designed to help you craft your new identity and narrative and a 60-minute private 1-2-1 coaching session to solidify this powerful shift in mindset and identity, module 12 is when you realize you are the person you wished you could be 3 months ago.

Module Thirteen

Connecting to the Vision


Module 13 takes one week to complete, by the end of this module you will have:

  • Become fully connected to your vision, feeling next-level excitement for it becoming your reality
  • Solidified your focus to keep you on track as you get ready to take the next steps in your journey independently
  • Created a visual that holds your vision firmly within your focus
  • Completed a powerful subconscious experience of the day your dreams become your reality, anchoring that moment firmly within your mind, allowing you to be guided towards it


Inside module 13 you’ll find training videos on staying focused and connected to your vision, workbooks to help you create beautiful and powerful vision visuals, and a 60-minute 1-2-1 master-level NLP session to help you create a subconscious experience of fulfilling your vision, allowing you to feel fully connected – and unbelievably excited – about how close you now are.

Module Fourteen

Celebrating You


Module 14 takes one week to complete, by the end of this module you will have:

  • Complete clarity, confidence, and certainty to go and make your vision your reality
  • Heightened awareness of the transformation that has just taken place, knowing that you are now the person you need to be to make it happen and really FEELING like that person you wished you could be 16 weeks ago
  • Celebrated yourself, your hard work, and the measurable and tangible results that you’ve got from the programme


Module 14 is all about celebrating YOU. We will finish up this incredible journey with an eye-opening 60-minute private 1-2-1 celebration session. Together we will review and reflect on the programme and your progress, and we’ll celebrate your successes, achievements, and your dedication to yourself. Before you’re allowed to go anywhere – we’ll be making sure you’re clear and excited for your steps moving forward as not only the very best version of yourself but as a fully prepared coach ready to GLOW.

How does it work

Jennie Patricia

Working with Brooke has been a pivotal point in my life. When I reached out to Brooke I was at a place where imposter syndrome was starting to become a problem and procrastination was a daily occurrence. I had become my own worst enemy and didn’t know how to get out of the trap I had put myself in. I had already done a lot of work on my mindset and was starting to feel maybe nothing else could be done…well, was I wrong! From our very first session Brooke became my biggest cheerleader until I learnt how to be my own. When we were in our sessions she was fully there, supporting me, listening and making me feel so safe and honestly, she made me feel so capable of making this all work. Brooke has this beautiful way of making you see your own weaknesses as true strength. In the 12 weeks we worked together my mindset & confidence skyrocketed. I went from having hardly any confidence in my ability as a coach to having someone reach out to work with me even when I wasn’t promoting my offer. Brooke really helped me drop all the expectations I was putting on myself and the worry of being judged by others. Perception is everything and Brooke is able to help you shift yours. Brooke has this way of explaining things that I’ve not experienced from any other coach I’ve had. I will forever be grateful The Universe brought me to Brooke. Because of her I was able to ditch my imposter syndrome (and if it does show up, she’s taught me how to see it as something new I get to overcome and rise higher from) and I’m able to get myself out of my procrastination dips so quickly now it still shocks me. My confidence, mindset & belief grew so much more than I could ever have expected from working with Brooke, I owe so much to her. Because of Brooke I fell in love with myself and am now able to pass that onto others I work with

Elena Gallardo

It is quite difficult to put into words something so transformational!
When thinking about the starting point, I even have trouble accessing that version of myself, because it now feels so foreign.
My main difficulties before working with Brooke were:
Lack of confidence in my abilities as an entrepreneur (any coach in the room who hasn’t experienced Imposter’s Syndrome?), which we shifted to a very different belief: “My success is inevitable”.
Taking lots of -unfruitful- action to the point of burnout and barely seeing any progress (having to go back and re-do all the work because it wasn’t “perfect”).
We also shifted this pattern to focusing on the essential tasks, working when it feels aligned, and not letting perfectionism get in the way. It has now been 3 months since our time together came to an end, and I can genuinely tell that the results have been long-lasting! I would love to join other programs that she may create in the future!

Megan McLean

When I first met Brooke, I was in a place where I knew I had the confidence in myself to create something larger than me, I just didn’t know where. I came to Brooke with feelings of imposter syndrome for many areas of my life, lack of confidence in creating a vision I had, believing I was a procrastinator, and wanting to establish more concrete goals. I had a vision. I just didn’t know where or how to put them in place. One of the very first things we did was redesign my lifestyle by establishing concrete goals and actions that would fit my life and move the needle forward toward my goals. From there, she helped realise that I did have everything I needed in me to believe in myself, overcome my imposter syndrome, and have the confidence and clarity to really unfold what my goals were. My main goal was I wanted to become an entrepreneur so badly and had so many ideas but none of them really stuck. But, by working with Brooke, she helped me realise my path was to become an online fitness coach where I help women reach their fitness and nutrition goals by keeping them accountable and getting the results they desire. From that point forward I took ownership of my vision by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and enrolled in a mentorship program to kick start my business, and am now successfully coaching 7 women! I really couldn’t have done this without Brooke, the thought never crossed my mind to become a CPT, just more so I had a passion for health and fitness, but she helped me realise by tying together my strengths and goals, this is where I’m meant to be. Thanks a million, Brooke 🥰

“Yes, we are THAT confident!”

“This programme is covered by a money back guarantee. If you reach the end of the programme and don’t feel like the coach you want to be – the coach who is capable of making your vision your reality – you can simply use your money back guarantee. You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain here…so what are you waiting for, coach?”

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